Content will be updated daily so make sure to revisit and learn more about Canadian Black History.

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Teachers Resources and Video Prompt: Mindful Moments of Reflection

We encourage teachers to take time in class to play a video from the playlist on the side this short 5-10 minute videos which are also linked in the day to day content view and prompt students to reflect using the prompts below

  1. Describe the connections made between the young person in the video and the history they presented.
  2. Was this story familiar? Have you heard of it? In what ways do you feel the education system is responsible for our knowing or not knowing of important figures/events in Canadian Black History?
  3. These stories connect present day Black Canadian lives with people and events in Black Canadian history. What is the significance of these connections? Why is this history important for everyone to learn?

Playlist be UNILEARNAL on 28 Moments in Canadian Black history

Link to Playlist:

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Learn Through Reading

Check out for book recommendations. They offer many genres such as...

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